Top 5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Learn English

Are you having a hard time learning English?

Are you losing motivation?

In that case, you’re on the right page (web page, to be precise!).

It’s only natural to lose motivation when you start to learn something new. It takes a lot of hard work and sometimes we do not get the desired result. But this is the real test of your dedication, whether you decide to give up or stay motivated!

5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Learn English

  1. Remind yourself that it’s important

The best way to inspire yourself is to tell yourself why you need to learn English. Find out what drives you the most –  it’s importance for career, academics, business or social status?

Your goal may be different from your friend’s- just find it out, and work towards attaining it!

  1. Make new friends

English gives you a great opportunity to make friends. Not everyone may know your native language, but English is a language that eliminates language barriers. You can make friends with people from different cultures and interact with them. It is especially useful if you are planning to go abroad to study or work.

Your new friends would also encourage you to keep learning English!

  1. Learn in a positive environment

When you learn, it’s you who makes effort but the people around you play a major role too. If you are surrounded by people who believe in you, their positive vibes can make a huge difference to your attitude. On the other hand, other people’s negativity can bring your morale down.

Be with people who encourage you and you will see the difference in no time!

  1. Improve a little every day

It is very frustrating when you start to feel that there has been no significant improvement in your language skills. The best way to keep your spirits  high and avoid such a situation is to  learn something new every day.

Learn a new word or phrase every day, or read blogs (like ours!) to improve your English language skill.

  1. Have fun while you learn

Nobody ever learnt anything the boring way. Make learning fun – play word games and crosswords; watch English movies of your favourite genre with subtitles and listen to songs too.

Do not sit in  a crowded room full of books and waste your time mugging up grammar rules – have fun while you learn!

Hope these tips come in handy, keep reading our blog to learn something new every day!

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