How to speak English without Hesitation

The first question all English language learners have is, “How to speak fluent English without hesitation?

The answer to this problem is hidden in the proverb – “practice makes perfect”. The more you speak, the more fluent you will be. Quite simple, isn’t it? But this is merely the tip of the iceberg! The real problems begin after you discover the answer to the first problem.

“Who to practice with?”

“How much to practice?”

“What to practice?”

These are the questions that haunt a learner, and I will address each of them below.

Most people believe in the age old tradition of practising in front of the mirror- but this does not work when it comes to English. You need real-time interaction to practice speaking in English. You want someone who responds, and even corrects you if need be. This is something only one-to-one interaction can provide.

When it comes to “how much”, I’d like to tell you that not everything needs hours and hours of practice. English is not some formula that you can mug up, it requires understanding of concepts and fluency. This can be achieved by speaking in a flow for about 20- 30 minutes daily. Yes, that’s all it takes ( coupled with proper guidance, of course!).

Next comes the “syllabus”. I believe there is no defined syllabus to learn a language. You just need to be aware of the basic grammar, and you can keep adding to it as you learn more. But yes,  just as you need a strong base to build a house, you need strong basics to be fluent in any language.

Most learners opt for spoken English classes, as it is a global language. The best spoken English class would be one where you get personal attention and exposure to speak. This ideal class is now a reality! Learn to speak English on phone and shine on!

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