4 Steps to Speak English Naturally

maxresdefaultDo you want to speak English but hesitate a lot?

Do you find it difficult to express yourself?

Do you translate words and form sentences but they sound unnatural when you speak ?

Do not worry, there are many people who face these issues. And this blog will help you overcome these.

4 Steps to Speak English Naturally

Step 1: Think of English Words

It is difficult to make sentences in the beginning. Start by identifying objects around you and learning what they are called.

For instance, when you go out for a walk, look around and name all the things that you see: trees, bench, flowers, bushes, lamp post and so on.

Find out what the things you could not name are called. Doing this would help build your vocabulary which is a must to speak English fluently.

Step 2: Think of Complete Sentences

Once you know the names of things around you, you should progress on to the next step. This involves framing sentences. Do not worry if you are only able to form basic sentences, practice will help you improve.

For instance, in the example above, some basic sentences can be:

  • The flowers are pretty.
  • The park is crowded today.
  • The dogs are barking.

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Step 3:  Use English in Everyday Life

There’s no stopping you now that you can frame sentences. Interact with others in English. For practice, try translating everything you say in your native language to English. This will give you an idea of how to use English in real life situations.

For example: How would you order coffee in English?

How would you ask for directions in English?

This exercise will help you keep a record of sentences useful for day to day conversations and you will not have to stop and think while having an actual conversation!

Step 4: Tell a Story

Making complex sentences takes time and effort. But there is an easy method that can help you speak English fluently: narrate stories in your head. The best time to do this is while you are travelling, waiting for someone or simply getting bored. Think of a story or create a new one in English. This would help you come up with sentences in a flow – without taking time to think!

Follow these four steps to speak English like a pro!



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