How to Speak English in an English Speaking Country

Are you planning to go abroad?

I’m sure you’re pretty excited about the trip. But along with the excitement, fear and embarrassment creep in too.

Languages help us connect with other people and establish relationships. And they say man is a social animal – hence we need companionship to survive. You need English for the same reason.

It’s not just in English speaking countries that you need English, but all over the world. English is the “lingua franca” i.e. the language of the world. You cannot possibly learn the language of every country that you visit, learning English is the easy way out!

How to Learn English in a short span of time

What would you do if you wanted to learn how to cook? You would simple chop the vegetables, glance at the recipe book every now and then and cook them. You would keep repeating the process till you get it right.

You can learn English in the same manner. Just speak whatever you know and let your mentor/trainer correct you. If you do not have much time on your hands, mimic basic sentences that might come in handy. For example:

  • “Where is the bus stop?”
  • “Can you please give me directions to …?”
  • “Which train will take me to…?”
  • “I don’t understand.”
  • “Where can I get a taxi?”

Your focus should be on repeatedly practicing what you learn by speaking – not just by going through grammar/ reference books. After all, you will have to converse with those around you verbally – and all your effort boils down to that very moment when you have to speak. You may know the sentence, but to speak it is a different aspect of the language altogether!

Join Genlish to learn how to SPEAK English, not just know English.


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