Slang Words that ruled 2016!

2016 is coming to an end. Let’s have a look at all the slang words that came up this year and are sure to stay in 2017 as well!

  1. Hella: This isn’t really a new word, but it has re-emerged and is being used A LOT! It means “very” or “really”.

It’s hella hot outside!

That’s hella expensive!

  1. Basic: The beauty of this word lies in the fact that it can be used in any context. Anything and everything that you see can be “basic” i.e. “average” or very common.

Neeta only wears loose clothes, she’s hella basic!

Don’t buy that handbag, it’s just so basic.

  1. YAS: This term is the over-enthusiastic version of “yes!” It can be used to express approval or show your excitement towards something.

I won the lottery! YASSSS!

That’s my little sister on stage! Way to go Riya, YAS!

  1. Sickening: No it is not an insult (though the word suggests so), it means the opposite – that something is so good, it makes you sick!

You look sickening in that dress!

Those heels look sickening! 

  1. Squad: Your close friends are your squad.

I went out with my squad last night!

My squad is throwing me a birthday party!

  1. No chill: This term is used for someone who is unable to remain calm or who cannot chill.

Jenny, don’t yell! You have absolutely no chill.

Mom! Have you no chill at all?

  1. Fam: Your close friends who you treat like your family are your “fam”.

I’m going on a road trip with my fam!

You always cheer me up, fam! 

  1. Or nah: It basically means “or not”. It is used to deny or confirm something.

You coming, or nah?

Is Rita available, or nah?

  1. On fleek: It means “on point” or “very good’.

Your make up is on fleek today.

Her hairstyle is always on fleek!

  1. Bae: This word is the most common slang that is used these days. It’s an acronym for “Before Anything Else” or “Before Anyone Else”. It is also the short form for “babe” or “baby”, used for someone/something important to you.

He’s my bae.

My Iphone is my bae.


So, are you going to make these words a part of your vocabulary or nah?


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