Should you use ‘Should’ or ‘Must’?

Let’s have a look at the differences:

SHOULD is used to:

  • give advice or a suggestion: You should drink more water.
  • make a recommendation: You should try that new cafe I went to last night!
  • to talk about right or wrong: This should be the way to do it.

Negative form: shouldn’t

Some more examples:

  • He should be punctual.
  • Riya shouldn’t go alone.
  • They shouldn’t travel by train.

MUST is used to:

  • express certainty: This must be the shop!
  • express necessity: All students must wear their white uniform tomorrow.
  • express strong recommendation: You must try this new recipe!

Negative form: mustn’t : used to prohibit someone from doing something. But as it is quite severe, it’s not used much.

Some more examples:

  • You mustn’t play in the sand.
  • Sheila must be here somewhere.
  • You mustn’t argue with your elders.
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