Other or Another?

Other and another are determiners that refer to something additional or different. Though the words seem to be similar to each other, their usage is slightly different. Let’s see how!

Using “other” :

Other is an adjective which means ‘different’ or ‘the second of two items’.

  • It can be used with both, singular or plural nouns.
  • It can come after the determiners someany, and no.




  • Do you have any other books?
  • This pamphlet has other details.
  • Raheem has other questions as well .
  • They have no other way out.

Using “another”

Another expresses quantity.  It means ‘additional’ or ‘one more’.

  • It is used with singular countable nouns. In case of uncountable nouns, it is used with measure words that are singular.


  • Do you have another biscuit?
  • Is there another cab available?
  • She has another
  • I want another


Other is used for plural countable nouns and all uncountable nouns.
Another is used for singular countable nouns.

Hence the answer is (b) another.

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