Do You Loose or Lose a Pen?

I do not think I need to repeat the fact the English is a confusing language, which is easy to speak, but to write it correctly can be challenging.

The way you speak is a LOT different from how you write the word.

For example, the word thought  is pronounced as ‘thot’ , then why the extra ‘ugh’? That’s English for you, my friend!

Loose and lose are two such words that are probably confused the most. Let’s  learn the correct usage today.

Loose is an adjective that describes things that are not tightly fitted.

  • These pants are loose!
  • My shirt is loose.
  • I have a loose tooth.

Lose is a verb which means to suffer the loss of or to miss.

  • Did you lose your watch again?
  • We lost the match!
  • I lost my wallet.

Loose or Lose?

Firstly, how you pronounce the word makes a big difference and can help avoid confusion.

Loose is pronounced as ‘loos’

Lose is pronounced as ‘looz’

Secondly, verify the usage.

  • Replace loose with lose and see if it still makes sense.

            – Incorrect: Is your sweatshirt lose?

              Correct: Is your sweatshirt loose?

  • Replace lose with loose and see if it still makes sense.

Incorrect: Did Rita loose her wallet?

  Correct: Did Rita lose her wallet?

To remember the meaning of both, here is a tip you can keep in mind:

When you lose weight, your clothes become loose.

I hope the difference is clear now, there are many more such words, find out some more of them here: http://www.genlish.com/learn-english/articles/confusing-words-homophones/




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