Why do Learners Fail to Achieve Fluency in English?

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Welcome back to my blog. Last time I talked about How Mother Tongue Influence Makes English Speaking Difficult where I discussed the effects of MTI and how it kills a person’s self confidence. Today, I am going to talk about another such issue learners face which is lack of fluency in English.

For someone who is fluent in English, talking to their boss, giving presentations, making friends, attending business meetings and engaging in conversation with others is not difficult. On the contrary, it is enjoyable. But for those who cannot speak English fluently, all these activities are stressful and normal day to day activities become tiresome. They shy away from speaking to others and feel embarrassed in giving presentations or attending business meetings. As a result, their professional as well as personal life suffers. They cannot function normally and are constantly thinking about how to avoid anything and everything that involves speaking in English.

  • Students are unable to perform well in academics. Their overall growth is hampered as they stop participating in school.
  • Housewives find it difficult to interact with neighbours, their husband’s colleagues and their children’s teachers. They are also not able to help their children with their studies.
  • Working professionals hesitate in leading their team and fail to qualify for international assignments which restricts their professional growth.
  • Jobseekers are unable to crack interviews or qualify group discussions.
  • Retired people become dependent on others for routine activities like banking and so on.

What do we mean by fluency in English?

Fluency is the ability to express oneself easily and articulately. Hence, if you are someone who constantly struggles to find appropriate words, takes long pauses while speaking and uses too many filler words, then it implies that you lack fluency.

It is a common notion that those who are good in English are also fluent in English. I’d like to tell you that this is not true: knowing concepts and grammar rules does not ensure fluency. It is a different thing to write in English on paper and an entirely different thing to have a spontaneous conversation with someone. To write English is easier as you can take your own sweet time to plan what you want to say, this option is not available when it comes to talking to someone. A conversation takes place in real time, you cannot take a long pause to plan what you want to say, you have to think on the spot.

How can fluency in English be achieved?

Practice, Practice and Practice! This is the ONLY way to become fluent in English. Make the most of every opportunity you get to speak. If there is no one around to speak with, speak to yourself. Describe your routine activities as you do them, stand in front of the mirror and speak about your favourite book or sport, read aloud to improve your pronunciation and talk to family and friends in English. Devote an hour every day to practice speaking English.

If you think this method will not work for you, you can learn with a proffessional trainer at Genlish. The trainers will guide you and encourage you to speak. The best part is that the classes are on phone so you need not worry about being laughed at. You can speak freely and ask all your doubts. The convenience of taking classes at home is an added advantage!

Initially, you will hesitate and avoid speaking in English, but gradually you will get used to it. Whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you want to become fluent in English and how easy life will become once you become a fluent speaker.

  • Socialising with others will no longer be stressful
  • Handling international clients will become easier
  • Effective communication
  • Confident personality

Yes, fluency is linked to confidence. Those who know they speak well are more confident and positive. They have absolutely no stress and can handle any situation effortlessly whereas those who are not confident are constantly worrying about what will happen next. They know people make fun of them behind their back and this stress shows on their face all the time.

Why make your life difficult? Get rid of it once and for all. Join Genlish and practice with your personal trainer.

Become a fluent speaker and take charge of your life NOW!

I will see you again, with another helpful blog soon!

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