How to Learn English Using Your Hobby

hobbies-happy-994x400Do you want to learn English?

Are you tired of reading books and learning concepts?

Do not worry, I have a solution for you (and it does not involve grammar books!)

I would suggest you to pursue your hobby – spend some extra time doing what you love.

You must be thinking I am crazy for telling you to “waste” your time painting, clicking photographs, dancing, going to the gym or cooking and so on. What good will that do? That is exactly what your parents (or conscience) have been forbidding you to do. You should be buried in books, learning rules and practicing to learn English – because that is what everyone does!

NO! You should learn English the way you want, and how you want.

How to Learn English Using Your Hobby

What is a hobby? It is something that we enjoy doing in our free time to relax. Most people believe that studying or learning does not go with hobbies. Parents prefer that their children study rather than “waste” their time colouring, painting, dancing, singing and so on.

Learning English using hobbies is a unique yet effective way of learning. It combines learning and fun. Hobbies like dancing, gaming and gyming are social activities, and hence offer multiple opportunities of interaction with others. Utilise these opportunities to the fullest to gain spoken English practice. Initiate conversations with strangers for maximum exposure.

Reading, writing, painting are some hobbies that do not involve other people. In such a case, you can talk to yourself. It is not weird, if that is what you are wondering. Talking to yourself is a good way to practice speaking English. Comment on all activities that you do and narrate the process of what you are doing. For example, if you are drawing, you can say:

  • My drawing book is ready.
  • I need to sharpen my pencil.
  • The scenery looks beautiful! I should copy it.
  • The background requires blending.

If you are a photographer, describe the products you shoot, if you love watching movies or singing, choose English movies/songs and summarise them at the end.

This practice will make learning more interesting as you’re doing what you love! Try it out and see how it changes your approach to learning English!




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