How to Learn English at Home

Learn English at Home

9-chill-ways-to-study-english-at-homeAre you tired of going to institutes and bored of reading textbooks? Do you want learn English at home?

Don’t look so surprised – it really is possible.

Here are 5 ways to learn English at home:

  1. Watch TV shows in English: This is an interesting way to learn English. The story line in the show keeps the learner engaged and understanding of English conversation is an added benefit. Watching shows with subtitles is more helpful as the accent can be difficult to comprehend.
  2. Read children’s story books: The most common mistake we make while learning English is to pick up difficult texts to read. Doing this boosts our morale as we feel that we are making an effort to learn English. We underline words, find out the meanings and so on. But does all of this help? Probably not. This is because we fail to retain all this knowledge. Start with short and easy to read stories. Always remember, you cannot run before you learn to walk!Also read: Comic Books can help you learn English!
  3. Talk to yourself: I know it sounds weird, but it is the most effective method, trust me! The first step is to interact with yourself as it will give make you confident. You can also try practising in front of the mirror first.
  4. Practice: Speaking English is the most important part. You can learn all the grammar rules in the word, but you won’t be able to speak unless you practice. But how can you practice alone? This brings us to the next point!
  5. Learn English on Phone: Going to institutes is old school. Today, you can practice English with a trainer who will correct your errors and tell you the proper way to speak English – at home! All you need is a mobile phone and 25 minutes of your day. That’s not too much, is it?


The 5 tips to success are your ultimate guide to speaking English fluently. Start learning now!

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