Key Skills to Learn English Faster

All of  us know about the four key skills involved in language learning. These are:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

But, there is a fifth skill, the importance of which, most of us fail to understand. This skill is thinking.

Thinking: The Key Skill to Learn English Faster

Yes, in fact, it is the skill that facilitates the other four skills. To be able to think in a language means that you have gained understanding to an extent that it is now a part of you. This is the first step to master any language. Once you start to think in English – all the other four skills begin to come naturally.

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How to start thinking in English

  • Translate your thoughts

Before you start to think in English, you will have to start to translate your thoughts from your mother tongue to English. Look at the things around you and think of what they are called in English.

Gradually, you can progress on to narrating your day to day activities and incidents in English. Plan your day, form opinions, have debates on topics – all inside your head. It may sound a little weird – but it works.

When you get used to thinking in English, you will automatically speak and write in proper English!

  • Maintain a diary

If you find it difficult to think in English- maintain a diary / journal and express your thoughts, views and feelings in it at the end of the day. To write in English, you will think in English first and hence your brain will be trained in the same. Get it corrected by your mentor to avoid mistakes.

Writing practice is an added benefit!

  • Read a lot

Read first person narratives to practice thinking in English. They are extremely helpful as you get to read another person’s thoughts and can frame your own thoughts in the same manner.

Blogs and autobiographies are good examples of first person narratives. These will give you an idea as to how to consolidate your thoughts and express yourself well.

Now that you know about the key skill needed to learn English faster, share it with your friends to learn and grow together!



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