Interactive ways to learn English

There are two ways to learn a language. The first involves discussion and  deliberation whereas the second demands action in pursuit of the desired goal. The latter is always a better approach as it can help you learn faster.

The global nature of English makes it the most sought after language. But most learners do not know where to start. How does one learn an entirely new language?

The solution is simple – start from the basics and make it a part of your life!

Here are some spoken English tips to help you get started!

  1.   Listen: All of us listen to the news daily, why not listen to it in English? This can help you learn the correct pronunciation. And it’s not just the boring news channels that help you, there are other fun ways to learn as well. Watch programs and movies in English or if you have a taste in music, listen to English songs and sing along for practice!
  1. Speak: Repeat whatever words you come across and use them in a sentence. This will help you recall them later in time of need.
  1. Learn: Good vocabulary can help you express yourself better and speak in a flow. For that, you need to learn new words – but how? Easy – just learn one new word a day! Pick up the newspaper or a magazine and go through it, you will surely find one word you don’t know the meaning of. Find out it’s meaning and use it in a sentence!
  1. Play: Indulge and engage in fun activities to develop an interest in the language. You could play word games, board games like scrabble and pictionary or participate in debates. This way you will get into the habit of speaking English and learn new words as well! Take a quiz in English to challenge yourself and pick up new words and ways.
  1. Use technology: Bid goodbye to classroom teaching – say hello to Online spoken English classes! You no longer need to go to an institute to learn – thanks to technology, it’s the institute that’ll come to you!

All you need is an internet connection for online classes, and you can learn in the comfort of your own home. Another step ahead is the concept of learning English on Phone, where you receive a call from your personal trainer and get started! Talking the talk is the most effective way to pick up the language real fast. So, why delay further? Join scores of people like you who chose to learn English and now proudly use it as their second language.


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