How to Improve your English Writing Skills

Nowadays, all formal communication takes place via e-mail. Recruiters look for good communication skills in candidates. This includes not just spoken English skills but also writing skills.

Isn’t it annoying when your friends send you texts, but they are so vague that you can make neither head nor tail of it?

Imagine sending such an e-mail to your boss!

Terrifying, isn’t it?

Here are some tips to help you avoid such a mishap.

Tips to improve your English Writing Skills

  • Write, write and write!

Though this solution is obvious, not everyone follows it. Most learners feel what they write will be full of errors and hence avoid it altogether. Think of it the other way round, if you write – you can get it corrected, and find out where you go wrong. This way you can work on those concepts which you find difficult and learn faster.

  • Learn new words

When you speak, the listener can understand the tone of your voice and read your facial expressions – this leaves no room for misunderstandings. However, in written correspondence, your words do the talking. So, you need appropriate words to express yourself. Therefore, good vocabulary is a must.

  • Master English spellings

You would not want glaring mistakes in your writing, right?  Keep a dictionary handy and check the spellings of new words that you encounter. You can install an app in your Smartphone as well!

  • Read a lot

Reading helps you write better as you learn to use words appropriately and get an idea of the different styles of writing. In this manner, you can also discover your own style of writing!

  • Have some fun

You must have heard the idiom ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so why not have fun as we learn? Play word games, storytelling games, Pictionary and so on with your friends or other learners. This will help you develop an interest in the language and learn better!

These 5 steps can help you write well- try and see!

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