How Everyday Things Help You Learn English

Everthings Help You Learning English


Isn’t it frustrating when you make a resolution but cannot find the time to do it?

I made one such resolution when I wanted to learn English, but I had no idea what to do because I had no time to practice speaking English. So, I devised my own technique, and it worked wonders for me- see if it works for you too!

Using Everyday Things to Learn English

We come across a variety of things every day, like objects of utility, appliances and other items. All of these can help us achieve our goal of learning English. All you have to do is name everything that you see and make one sentence about each of these as you work/study/relax.

As far as the things you cannot name are concerned, find out what they are called and read about them. This exercise will increase your vocabulary as well as sentence formation. If you have a guide or mentor, note down the sentences for them to check.

This has several benefits:

  1. Enhanced vocabulary and sentence formation
  2. Proper Pronunciation: As you check the meanings, you will also learn how to pronounce the words.
  3. Good communications skills: As you know so many words, you can make small talk with absolutely anyone!
  4. Spoken English Practice
  5. Zest to learn: As you go to different places, you look for new things to learn about!

You can adopt this approach on a larger scale by describing your activities as you do them. For instance, speak about the process of washing the dishes as you do it.

What kind of dishes are you washing?

How do you feel about it?

Do you like washing dishes?

Why/Why not?

Answer these questions elaborately, describing minor details  like the colours, shapes, texture and so on. This would make talking on different subjects easier for you.

You could also utilize your school/office break in the same way. Look around you and speak about everything that you see- make sure it is spontaneous i.e. don’t put too much thought into it.

Try it yourself and see!

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