Everyday things and what they are called in English

Don’t we all love trying new recipes? The delicious food is reward enough for all the effort that we put in.

What is annoying is having to rely on Google to find out what some of the ingredients are, as we know what they are called in Hindi but not in English.

So when I encountered the word ‘Asafoetida”, I wondered why a medicine is mentioned in a recipe book. Turns out, Heeng (an Indian spice) is called Asafoetida in English!

Here are some more such names that we only knew in Hindi:

  • Saunf: Fennel Seeds
  • Lauki: Bottle Gourd
  • Amla: Goose Berry
  • Ajwain: Carom Seeds
  • Sooji: Semolina
  • Rajma: Red Kidney Beans
  • Makhana: Fox Nuts
  • Sitaphal: Sugar Apple
  • Sabudana: Tapioca Sago
  • Arbi: Colocasia Roots
  • Methi: Fenugreek
  • Tinda: Apple Gourd
  • Chikoo: Sapodilla
  • Magaz: Musk Melon Seeds

Go ahead and show off your knowledge, after all, it’s not just Google that knows these names now!


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