How Effective are Spoken English classes?

Being a global language, English is much in demand these days. As a result we can see a spoken English institute in every nook and corner of the street.

Their effectiveness however, is questionable as there are about twenty students in a classroom and so each student gets to speak for about three minutes only. But is that enough? Of course not! It’s only after repeated practice that you can be a fluent speaker. No wonder most people are unsuccessful in their attempt to learn English.

The quickest and most sure shot way is to have a personal trainer for English speaking who has undivided attention on you. The new concept of spoken English through phone makes this possible!  All you need to do is receive your trainer’s call and start learning!

Phone has been an integral part of our life since its invention. It has changed the way we communicate, conduct business and exchange information across the world. Then why not exchange knowledge? It’s only natural to be sceptical about new technology and innovation. But through phone, one is directly connected with the other person and this makes it a lot easier to learn! Just like taking home lessons. This method of teaching works on the most essential component in making one fluent in spoken English and that is – practice- the more you practice any language, the better you speak.

In fact, English is not as difficult as it was perceived to be. Most people have this false notion ingrained in their minds that English is a foreign language and hence complicated. But it is not at all so. Every language seems foreign to us at some point of time- even our native language. Yet we mastered it with repeated exposure. We listened and repeated. The same needs to be done when it comes to English – listen to your trainer or other English speakers and repeat whatever you listen.

Learning English over phone is the most preferred way of learning in today’s world. We’re in a race against time, as we all want to learn faster than others. With this revolutionary mode of learning on phone, fast and effective learning is now a reality. The success story of learners who have benefited from learning with personal trainers has changed the perception of many hopefuls. Learning correct and usable English has never been easier- it’s now time to give yourself a chance to lead the way and choose to learn on phone with your very own personal trainer in English.

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