Confusing words – Homophones

HOMONYMS are words that sound alike but have different meanings. Homophones are a type of homonym that also sound alike and have different meanings, but have different spellings.

Let’s discuss the some of the most confusing words here:

  1. Affect: To change or influence something

            The rain did not affect me.

Effect: Something that happens due to a cause

            What was the effect of the rain?

  1. Complement: It means to complete, supplement or enhance something

            Your shoes complement this dress so well!

Compliment: A polite expression of praise

            He compliments me every day.

  1. Principle: A fundamental idea or general rule

            What is the principle governing this theory?

Principal: Main or most important / head of an educational institution

            This was the principal reason of her visit to China.

  1. Weight: A measure of heaviness

            What is the weight of that parcel?

Wait: To anticipate or expect something

            I have to wait for Sam.

  1. Knight: A soldier in the Middle Ages who served a king

            The knights of the round table.

Night: The period from sunset to sunrise in each twenty-four hours

            It’s a full moon night today.

  1. Heel: The lower rear part of the foot

            Achilles’ heel

Heal: To restore to health

            His hand will take some to heal.

  1. Stationary: Not capable of being moved

            That truck is stationary.

Stationery: Writing paper and envelope

    I need to buy some stationery for school.

  1. Weak: Fragile or not strong

            She is too weak to travel alone.

Week: A period of seven consecutive days

            My sister is coming to visit for a week.

  1. Aisle: A passageway between rows and seats in a building

            The aisle in the theatre was too crowded.

Isle: A small island

            She is vacationing on a remote isle00.

  1. Idle: Inactive/ to spend time doing nothing

            Don’t sit idle, do your homework.

 Idol: An object of worship

            My father is my idol.

These words may be confusing, but a little practice can help you  master homophones!



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