Between and Among: The Difference

Do you stop and think whenever you use either of these two words?

Are you confused about when to use which one?

Most people are, including me!

Let’s understand the difference between these two commonly confused words.

When to use Between

As you can see above, I said that we are going to understand the difference between two words. This is because it involves a choice.

Most people believe that between should be used when talking about two things and among should be used in case of multiple things. This, however, is not true.

For example, we can say:

Jaya had to choose between Seema, Ali and Jatin.

Here, more than two choices are present, yet we have used between.

So, you can use between for multiple things, except, all these should be distinct and separate.

When to use Among

The main difference is not the number of things or choices involved, but whether they are distinct or not.

Among is used for things that are viewed as a group and hence, are not distinct from each other.

For example:

There was a consensus among the teachers.

So, the correct answer is (b) Among.

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