The Best Technique to Learn English and How to Achieve it

Hello learners!

In my last blog I told you how important it is be prepared before you start learning English. Once you are prepared, you need to begin learning by choosing the correct technique for the same. This is where the confusion arises: how should I learn English?

In this article I am going to answer the above question by telling you about the most effective technique to learn English and how to achieve it.


Have you ever wondered how people become so fluent in English when they come back after having lived abroad?

This is not just restricted to English. Someone who does not know a word in Spanish, is able  to speak the language fluently after having lived in Spain.

How does this happen?

Language immersion helps learn any language faster.

What does Language Immersion mean?

Language immersion is a method of teaching a second language in which the is the medium of classroom instruction is the learners’ second language.

No, it does not mean that you have to enroll in classes, you can adopt alternative methods like learning online or on phone. It simply means you have to surround yourself with English language.

This is how your friend who moved to England learnt to speak English. Wait, I’ll explain it in detail.

What happens when someone moves to a foreign country?

They are no longer able to interact with others in their native language, and so, they have to resort to English, however little they may know. All around, there are only native English speakers who do not understand their language, the shops have all information in English and so, speaking English is the only option left.

You have to do the same thing. Learning a language by going abroad would be a dream come true, but not everyone can do that, right? Also, learning in a classroom is not always feasible and effective. So, I am going to tell you how you can customise this way of learning to suit your home.

How to Achieve Language Immersion at Home

  1. Explore unique ways of learning
  • Learn online/on-phone

Why go for traditional classroom learning in this era of technology? Learn English online, in the comfort of your own home. Enroll in an online course: all you need is a laptop with a working internet connection to get started!

Even if you do not have a laptop, begin learning spoken English on Phone with a personal trainer with Genlish and get exposure to handle a real life conversation!

  • Movies and Music

Do not be surprised, learning by watching English movies and listening to English songs is really effective. The trick is to enable the subtitles. This helps understand the accent as well learn the slang and collocations used in English.

Progress on to the next level after some time i.e. watch movies/ videos without subtitles/lyrics.

  • Games

Playing games like scrabble, pictionary, crosswords and quizzes help learn the fun way. Improve your vocabulary the fun way to avoid getting bored.

  1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

S.M.A.R.T. stands for a goal that is:

Specific: “I want to learn English language by the end of the year.”

Measurable: “I will practice speaking English an hour a day.”

Attainable: “I will talk in English with my family members and friends.”

Relevant: “I want to learn English so that I can crack job interviews.”

Timely: “I will practice from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.”

More often than not, learners set goals, but do not stick to them. All of us make time tables, schedules to study during exams but no one follows them. Do not think of learning English this way; you will surely fail. Set realistic goals that are attainable and focus on achieving them. Stick to the plan, give yourself breaks so you do not get bored and work hard to fulfill your dream of speaking English fluently.

It all depends on you. All these techniques will work only if you want them to. It is your own determination that will help you succeed. There will be times when you will feel low, and it is at such a stage that you will have to push yourself to work harder and not give up. Remind yourself of all the benefits learning English will bring you and come back with the same enthusiasm to learn.

I hope this article helped you understand the most trusted technique to learn a language. Keep reading for more!



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