6 Easy Tips to Improve English Pronunciation

Tips to Improve English pronunciation

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In my last blog I discussed with you 7 Effective Ways to Teach Your Kids English at Home.  Today, I am back with another exciting topic: 6 Easy Tips to Improve English Pronunciation

The aspect of English where learners struggle the most is the spoken part, of which pronunciation is a major element. There are numerous words in English language and no particular rule applies to every statement. Hence, it takes a lot of effort to master English pronunciation.

But do not fear, I am here to help you out!

Here are 6 Easy Tips to Improve English Pronunciation

  1. Decide which accent you want to follow

The first thing that you need to do is to find out whether the country you are in follows American English or British English because this makes a huge difference in how you should speak.

American English and British English have different pronunciation of regular words as well. The vowel sounds are produced differently in British English. There are a variety of accents, but we follow standard British accent.

  1. Learn the pronunciation of every new word you come across

What most of us do is that we keep learning new words in order to improve our vocabulary. Over a period of time, we know a lot of words in theory, but do not know how to pronounce them and so we are unable to use these words.

This problem can be easily avoided by learning the pronunciation when you learn the word. Make a sentence using the word and speak it too, so that you can use it confidently when the time comes!

Note that American English pronunciation and British English pronunciation may be different. Keep a dictionary handy and check the pronunciation of the newly learnt word.

  1. Say it right or do not say it at all

Once you say a word wrong, you will always say it wrong. Therefore, to avoid having to go through the trouble of  re-learning the pronunciation – get it right the very first time itself.

  1. Imitate speaking English

For beginners, speaking a new language requires practice as English is different from their native language. To get into the habit of speaking a new language, one needs to speak it.

It’s completely natural to feel nervous in the beginning.

“Am I speaking correctly?”, “Is this how we pronounce this word?”, “What if I sound funny?” and more such questions come to mind.  But do not worry, you will eventually improve your English pronunciation.

Remember not to lose confidence and speak whatever you want to, freely!

  1. Record your voice

There is an easy way to find out how you sound while speaking English – record yourself! Doing this will help you find out which words you mispronounce. There can even be a pattern: you may be pronouncing certain alphabets wrong which results in mispronunciation of the entire word!

It will also boost your confidence. You will realise that you can speak English that means you are one step closer to achieving your dream!

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  1. Accept that you will make mistakes

This is the important part: in order to improve or learn a new language you need to come to terms with the fact that you will make mistakes for some time. Hence, keep aside your nervousness and embarrassment and focus on your goal of learning English.

It will feel uncomfortable to speak new words, make different sounds with your tongue and so on. You will also take a lot of time to speak but all is well that ends well, right? You will become a fluent English speaker in the end!

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You have 6 unique tips to master English pronunciation. There’s no stopping you now if you follow each of these religiously, trust me. All these are tried and tested and the results have been exceptional – so go ahead and get started!

I’ll see you soon with some more English tips to help you learn the language easily!

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