10 Idioms to Sound Like a Native English Speaker

One of the main components of eloquent speech is the use of idioms and proverbs. They express a lot in just a few words, and sound cool too, right?

Read on learn some idioms that native English speakers use!

  1. STICK TO YOUR GUNS : To refuse to change your mind or compromise

Diana stuck to her guns and did not give up her hobby.

  1. STEP UP YOUR GAME: To start performing better

Tanya will win if you do not step up your game, Riya!

  1. CUT SOMEBODY SOME SLACK: To not to judge somebody severely

She has just joined office, cut her some slack, guys!

  1. HANG IN THERE: To be patient and wait

Hang in there buddy, I’m coming!

  1. BLEW ME AWAY: To be extremely impressed by something

The art exhibition blew me away, it was absolutely brilliant!

  1. BE TICKLED PINK: To be happy and excited

She was tickled pink by all the appreciation she got at the function.

  1. NO-BRAINER: An easy decision

It’s your birthday – we have to party! It’s a no-brainer.

  1. BY THE SKIN OF YOUR TEETH: To only just succeed/ nearly fail

I passed the driving test by the skin of my teeth.

  1. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER: To calm down and behave normally

They are not fighting anymore, pull yourself together, will you?

  1. GET OUT OF HAND: To lose control of things

Things are getting out of hand, please do something as soon as you can!

Use these idioms and speak well!

Click to learn some more idioms: http://www.genlish.com/learn-english/learn-english/useful-idioms/

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